What Makes a Good Tutor?

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There are plenty of tutoring services in Sydney, but not all of them are as effective as others. If you are concerned about your children’s education, a good tutor can make all the difference when it comes to boosting their grades. To be an excellent tutor, a teacher must exhibit numerous positive characteristics, here are just a few of the most essential ones.


If you are looking for private tutoring in Sydney, you must employ a teacher who shows versatility and a willingness to adapt. Each student learns differently, and there is no “one size fits all” formulafor learning and acquiring a new skill. That is why it is so important to work with a tutor who understands the complexities of each individual and creates lessons to suit their needs. They should be able to recognise both the student’s strengths and weaknesses, and design learning sessions which are flexible and personalised at the same time. As the tutor progresses through each lesson, it is vital that they learn to adapt and mould each session to allow their students to get the most from each class.

Interpersonal Skills

This is one characteristic of a good tutor that can be quite difficult to find, some teachers effortlessly mix well with their students, while others struggle to form a bond. If you want your child to learn in a positive environment, the tutor you hire must be energetic, dynamic and full of enthusiasm. Their personality can rub off on the student, if they arrive everyday revitalised, with a spring in their step, it encourages their students to interact in a positive way. They can feed off their tutor’s energy and motivation.


Showing a genuine concern for your child’s welfare and learning when tutoring is an excellent characteristic to look for in a teacher. If the tutor comes with an authoritarian attitude and never listens to the student’s needs, they won’t be as successful as a tutor who promotes an open, autonomous learning environment. A good tutor will ask their students about their academic content, they’ll want to know how they learn in school, so they can create a program which suits their specific needs.


Some tutors pretend that they know everything, when in fact they make up answers to questions they can’t answer. If a student knows they are lying or giving out false information, they’ll immediately lose respect for their tutors. When hiring a tutor, you should look to hire an individual who knows their limits, they should show respect to their students by telling them the truth when they don’t know the answers to their questions. Some tutors just don’t gel right with students, so it may be appropriate to find another teacher.

There are numerous factors to consider when hiring a private tutor for your child. A good teacher can bring out the best in a student, they understand their strengths and weaknesses which enables them to design customised programmes which get the best results from each session.

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