University of Tours creates neutral toilets for transgender students

University of Tours creates neutral toilets for transgender students

This is a unique decision in France for transgender youth . The university François-Rabelais, in Tours, decided to take two unpublished commitments, according to La Nouvelle République : it will now recognize the usual first names and open a neutral toilet.

Charly, a first-year psychology student, is at the root of this change. Transgender, he explained to the diversity, equality and disabilitymission of the university, Concetta Pennuto, the problems faced by transgender people in the faculties. “College is a pivotal period,” explains Charly to the regional daily. “We begin our adult life, it is important to feel respected in our identity.”

A first name that corresponds to their gender identity

The use of the first name on the identity card is one of the major problems. “You can imagine how complicated it may be for a student who calls himself Jules and wears a mustache when a teacher calls Julie by calling, or he has to show his student card to borrow one book to the library? “, notes Concetta Pennuto. Especially in France, the change of civil status is a long and complex procedure.

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Since the beginning of the school year, trans students of this university can choose to write on their student card the first name that corresponds to their gender identity. “They can also change their photo on the card, if they so request, to HuffPost Concetta Pennuto. We also work on changes of e-mail address, as well as on call lists, examinations. “

About ten students

Second advance, that of the creation of neutral toilets. In recent years, the debate has been waving the United States after the adoption in March 2016 of a controversial law in North Carolina. Neutral toilets have also been tested since 2016 by the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.

The university François-Rabelais will begin by equipping the medical faculty, then the whole university. “There will always be groomed toilets, but also non-genres. For these, students are currently offering logos,” says Concetta Pennuto. In Tours, a dozen students would be concerned

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