The top 4 of the Google Education for Teachers tools. And the students!

the Google Education for Teachers tools

01. Google Classroom: Publish homework, create classes, post ads, and more

Google Classroom  is the online platform for your class. It will help you publish assignments, create your classes, distribute your ads and organize computer files for the entire class.

Rest assured that the information stored on Google Classroom and all Google Education tools is secure. Neither they nor the data of your students will be sold to advertisers. And you will not find any publicity.

Another advantage of Google Classroom, and all the tools presented in this list, is that they are free of charge.

Google Classroom allows you to communicate with your students by email, without leaving the application. You can even start a conversation between one or more students from the same interface.

2. Google Drive: store all your files in the cloud for easy access (15 GB offered)

Did you know that Google offers free 15 GB of storage space to all its users? It is a particularly useful gift. All you need is an Internet connection to back up your files and access them easily via the cloud.

With  Google Drive , you can back up many types of files: PDF, sound, image and video files, Word documents, and more.

As an added bonus, Google Drive’s primary interest is the ability to collaborate with other users. You can share your files and folders with your students, who can then view, upload, or even create their own file in a central folder. Google Drive is a convenient way to organize the content you want to share securely with your students, their parents, and colleagues.

3. Google Docs: an alternative to Microsoft Word, 100% free and usable online

Google Docs  is often confused with Google Drive, but both are different. If Google Drive is an online storage space, Google Docs is a word processor with which you can create Word documents. It is surprisingly close to Microsoft Word, with two exceptions: Google Docs is free and hosted on the Google Education cloud.

Concretely, Google Docs allows your class to do without paper. No more excuses like “the dog ate my copy “. You can ask your students to use Google Docs for homework, essays, booklets, etc. This way, no longer need to carry your sheets, you can correct and annotate the homework directly on your computer.

You can also use Google Docs for collaborative work, and allow students to write a common project. Google Docs even allows you to chat in real time during teamwork. Ideal for setting up a  project pedagogy in class!

04. Google Forms: create your questionnaires and evaluations

Use  Google Forms  to successfully complete your questionnaires and evaluations. The interest of Google Forms is to allow students self-evaluation. You will see, it makes life easier.

To set up a self-assessment, first create a new form in Google Drive (go to New -> More -> Google Forms). Then fill in your questions and answers. For better operation, you will need to install the Flubaroo extension (Go to add-ons -> add add-ons …)

With Flubaroo, you can assign questions to a particular student, record answers, and send an email with the results to students and their parents. Flubaroo is a completely free extension in Google Education


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