School Programs Council: Michel Lussault suspended

School Programs Council

Named head of the Superior Council of Programs by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and very close to the former minister, Michel Lussault is now on an ejectable seat.

How long will it take? The question is agitating Rue de Grenelle, for it is unlikely that Michel Lussault, appointed to the head of the Superior Council of Programs by Najat Vallaud-Belkacem , will remain for a long time in this key post. Very close to the former minister, this associate of geography and former university president, who piloted the last reform of the school curriculum , is the last of the Mohicans in a ministry in full ideological revolution.

A priori no common ground on the programs

Clearly, the arrival of Jean-Michel Blanquer Rue de Grenelle is a bad sign for this icon of the “pedagogists”.  Jean-Michel Blanquer had publicly called for their “repeal”, in 2015, when Lussault presented the first version of his new programs. judging them “jargonous and preciously ridiculous”.  

A few months later, both were invited by La Vie magazine to a round table on the theme of school, and the tension between the two men was clearly palpable. Tense, the climate between these two is likely to become unbearable when the reform of the lycée begins in 2018. Unless, in the meantime, Michel Lussault is no longer at the head of the Superior Council of Programs …

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