School Aid at the College

School Aid at the College

The re-entry allowance (ARS)

You have at least one child enrolled in a public or private college , your resources for the year 2015 do not exceed 24,404 euros for a child, then you can claim the 2017 school allowance . In 2017, the amount is EUR 384.17 per child aged between 11 and 14 years. The ARS is paid at the end of August (starting from August 17th for the beginning of 2017) so that you can assume the school expenses of September. If you are separated from your spouse and your child lives with you, you are the one who collects the LSA. If you practice alternate custody, it is only paid to one parent. You receive the ARS automatically if you are a recipient of the Family Allowance Fund. If you are not, you must apply to the CAF .

The College Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded based on your resources and the number of dependent children. It concerns both a pupil enrolled in a public and private institution.

It is a scholarship, paid quarterly. For the school year 2017-2018, depending on the situation, its quarterly amount is € 35, € 96 or € 150 depending on the number of dependent children and household income. It is revalued each year.

The scholarship application for a public college is made via a teleprocedure open from 1 September to 18 October 2017.

Attention: if your child is too often absent for unjustified reasons, a deduction from the amount of the scholarship can be made by the head of the school.

To read: the college scholarships on the site of the National Education

The boarding

This annual financial aid, paid in three installments, is intended for fellows enrolled in a public boarding school. It is automatically assigned. The head of the school takes care of the application file. The amount was 258 euros for the school year 2016-2017. To find out more: the internship bonus on

The Adaptation Teaching Fellowship

The adaptation scholarship was designed to help families of pupils with special difficulties in schooling. On 31 July 2016, it was therefore no longer possible to benefit from them.

Social fund for canteens

If you are having difficulty paying for your child’s canteen, you can ask for help to cover all or part of your restoration expenses. It is the head of the school who determines the conditions for granting such aid. Check with the college secretariat. To find out more: Aids for canteen on

The social college background

Transportation, school outings, sports equipment, school supplies and books, care (oral, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc.), these costs can be heavy for a family in financial difficulty. Exceptional financial or in-kind support may then be awarded to pupils enrolled in public or private schools. The request is made to the head of the school. To find out more: the Collegian social fund on

The help of the city, region and department

Some town halls, county councils, regional councils may grant scholarships to schoolchildren: aids for public transport costs, canteens … Find out more about these communities directly.

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