Project Management: The 5 Keys to Team Success Your Yearbook

Project Management

1. The Mentor: Your Spiritual Leader, Your Leader

Your mentor will bring wisdom and peace to your team. So to your project management. Or, more exactly, he can give you access to the teachers’ room!

This is the person who will know what choices to make, who will have the overall view. It will help you to accomplish the most difficult tasks. It is therefore she who manages the project to create the Yearbook.

2. The editors: your heroes of grammar

Your editors must be comfortable with writing. Creative, funny and able to find the right words to tell a good story. They must also be regular and reliable. Go for students who can do their homework on time. Remember that you have deadlines to respect at the heart of your project management!

3. Publishers: Your Shadow Heroes

The editor is someone attentive to the details. He will be the best organized person on the team (after you, of course). And it will undoubtedly be intractable on grammar. It is the cornerstone of your project management.

It can be a student or a teacher. It’s up to you to choose who you prefer in this role.

04. Photographers: those who reveal the hidden beauty of things

Your photographers are the kings and queens of Snapchat and Instagram. Whether it’s a sunset to immortalize, a meal to show, or a video to make, they are on the go. These people are sensitive to art and design.

No worries, you do not need to spend thousands of euros for a great camera. You can use your smartphone or the school’s camera, following these tips .

05. Distributors: they open the doors of the world to you

Distributors love marketing and communication. They are the most connected of all of us. Talk to people, make friends, tell everyone their last big purchase. Or the awesome show they saw.

A dynamic personality and the ability to speak for days will be welcome

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