Post-baccalaureate enrollment: 3000 baccalaureate holders still unassigned at university


Before the summer break, 65,000 high school students were unassigned.

Before the summer break, 65,000 high school students were unassigned.

These baccalauréat holders are mainly from technical and vocational courses. Frédérique Vidal assures this Thursday that all will have a “proposal” assignment.

The difficult course of post  baccalaureate admission continues for many baccalauréat holders . More than 3,000 students registered on the APB platform, mainly from technical and vocational courses, are still unassigned at the university, said Thursday the Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal.

“On the last score, there are a hundred general baccalauréat holders who are always looking for a training that suits them and always 3000 professional and technical baccalauréat,” said the minister on France Inter .

“The 100 general baccalauréat holders, I think they will find a place, there are more than 100,000 places available in higher education institutions, and the 3000 professional and technical baccalauréat holders are really a special concern. to make proposals but we will have a problem of adequacy, once again, between what they want to do and the channels in which they will find themselves, “she warned.

“Everyone will have a proposal”

“The goal is not to find a place for everyone it is to find a place where students can succeed. It is this adjustment that is important,” she continued . “Everyone will have a proposal, I hope they will be able to accept it,” she concluded.

Before the summer break 65,000 high school students were unassigned . Population growth and the willingness of more bachelors to pursue studies have saturated the APB system, now under criticism. Since the end of July, students who did not find an assignment in the early stages of the procedure use the complementary procedure, open until 25 September, on which vacancies are offered

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