3 good reflexes to give life to your images

Photo caption

i am responsible for customer satisfaction at Fusion. I get quite a few questions about the “right way” to put forward pictures. An obvious, but often overlooked key is to have a vivid and catchy photo legend!

In this article, I will give you the tricks to make beautiful legends, even if you are neither a novelist, a journalist, nor a graphic designer:

1- Get the reader’s attention

Looking through a magazine, we naturally tend to stop on the beautiful pictures. When a photo catches our attention, we have the reflex to read the legend without going into the full reading of the article (unless the legend is good enough to encourage us). What interests us then is basic: What happened? Who is concerned ? When did that happen ? Where did that go? Why did it happen? How did it go ? The photo caption is therefore a way to capture the attention of your readers so that they read your entire articles. Here are some tips to achieve this:

2- Write a legend “reliable”

If people are not convinced by what you write, they will stop reading your book and move on to something else. This is why you should check the facts, be very vigilant about grammar and spelling (pay attention to the names of the people you are talking about). If you do not, your Yearbook will lose credibility.

3- Be relevant

As with any writing, there are some good practices to follow to be effective:
– Do not repeat the information that is already in the titles and subtitles.
– Put your verbs in the present . Your photo is catching a moment.
– Be concise .
– Do not begin your legend with: one, one, or the, the . You do not have much space, so every word must have value!
– Do not use terms like “shown”, “represented”, “observed”, “above” . Again, you do not have room for it.
– Use a direct tonet for easy reading. In this way, the reader has the impression that you are addressing him directly.
– When naming group members, write “from the left” rather than “from left to right” (no risk of confusion if you read the legend quickly)
– When describing a scene, be precise as possible .

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