How to a Create a stunning magazine .

01. Find inspiration around you

Today, I went to stroll in my favorite bookstore. I reassure you, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to find shoes at her foot. Older issues are always cheaper and provide an equally rich source of inspiration.

At the end of half an hour, I had already found pretty pearls: elegant magazines which I immediately wanted to leaf through.

replicate-magazine-layout-inspiring magazine - layouts

The magazines I found at my bookseller

Now that I’ve found my inspiration, it’s time to peel all these magazines and choose my style of magazine layout. Remember to mark the pages you like, so that you can come back to them later. A post-it will do just fine.

02. Find the page that inspires you and analyze its layout

After browsing most magazines, I finally found the page I would like to reproduce. Let’s look at it carefully to identify the main features of this magazine layout.

A – Forms
Using solid geometric shapes with a solid color is an excellent way to make the text more readable. This shows how useful the forms can be in the layout.

B – The title
I love here the handwritten font of the title, which highlights it and gives it emphasis .

C – Subtitles
By adding a subtitle, your page will be less monotonous. As on this model, we will choose a sans serif font.

D – The body of text
Make sure to use a font that is readable for the body of text, as is the case here.

E – Image
Use a nice and big picture that will aerate your page.

F – Background
Add a patterned or colored background to enhance your layout.

G – Accessories
You can choose to add meaningful elements to your page: arrows, pictograms … As Charles Eames says, “the details are not details. They are the ones who make the layout. 

03. Let’s start the magazine layout

It’s time to have fun! Start the Fusion application  and start your layout. You will find hundreds of free and customizable templates. You can use one of these models, or start from scratch, as I will do it myself here.

Step 1 – Add a page to your Yearbook

Simply select “Page”, then click Add (see image below). Then, when your page has been added, open the page editor by clicking on the pencil.

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