High School Colleges: How to Choose the Right School

High School Colleges

For parents whose children go to college or high school next year, it’s time to decide. How to find the right “chest”? All our tips to see clearly.

More than an anxiety. A real anguish. For thousands of parents the approach of Easter rhymes with educational concerns much more burdensome than the purchase of supplies at the beginning of the year. For those whose children finish primary school, the end of the second trimester announces the file to be filled for the choice of the college. Where is it going to be written in the sixth grade, when it was mistakenly understood with the relaxation of the school map, that one had the free choice? Just down the house, the college girls feel “not good”? Or at the other end of the city, in the one that the neighbors carry to the clouds, acting for it to be taken with derogation …

If the child is in third, as it will be necessary to fill the greeting card for entry in the second in two months, we rush on the annual indicator of the 4,119 public and private lycées of France, published yesterday on the site of the Ministry of National Education. The nose on the results of the ferry, we will look for the best establishment. That is to say the one we believe will surely lead our teen to a baccalaureate obtained hands down and a brilliant professional future. Even if we forget that the “success” of a child is not only due to the success of the baccalaureat, but also to other criteria (motivation, the general atmosphere of college or high school), as all education professionals. To consult the results of the lycées d ‘

“The best statistical is not necessarily the best for a certain child”, warns one in the offices of the ministry, which nevertheless publish every year this indicator, a “a statistical value”. “Stop fleeing ahead! Cried Armelle Nouis, a Parisian lawyer. “By persevering in sorting out the best settlement for them, this message is being conveyed to our children that they can only succeed if college, high school and teachers are good, and in passing that one doubts their own abilities.

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