Educational Debates: What You’re Bored …

Educational Debates

Is it possible to say so? The educational debates surrounding the school year bore me with death that kills. They are absolutely boring. I’m really struggling to get involved.

Weary of war, we return, like old grumblers full of dust described by Musset, on the ancient field of battle. Reflexes are there, conviction, no. The syllabic cowboys and the global Indians (well hidden!), The days of the week with those famous memories of the great wars with the chronobiologicalweapon , the “détricotage” of a reform without gravity , in every sense of the word, whose holes, gaps and cowardice of the stitches must not envy a waistcoat-to-get-the-rubbish-but-that-intend-that-counts, not forgetting a detour through science (here, we imagine the brothers Bogdanov in Time Xwhich, in their brilliant combination, show you the Boscher method with their laser ferrule). Let us not forget arithmetic: the number of students per class. Good measure, obviously, these CPs to 12, but it all depends on how you work with this restricted group, the figure has nothing magical.

In short, everything gives the feeling of replaying the play to amuse those who do not know much about it, to make the spot and to look after them amiably. Without brutality (which is already a good thing, it must be congratulated, no “France, I will re-educate you”). Passionate debate is at the center of the system, the student, no. Always not. He watches the trains pass and the educational body agitate. His real difficulties are not faced (this will be the subject of a later, less general note).

For each minister, I am waiting to see. I am even able to wait a long time, perhaps too long (for Peillon, for example). I’m an optimist. As a fervent advocate of “at the same time”, always, even before the birth of the President (one must be at the same time reactive and modern, firm and flexible, austere and demagogic, infantile and venerable, serious and relaxed, enthusiastic and grabbed by the gravity of the mission, potache and scholar) I continue to believe that the Macronian era can have its benefits. I am sensitive to the confidence invoked by the Minister (even if I had chosen, for my part, the term ”  School of Responsibility”), His taste for pragmatism (as long as he does not transform himself into an alignment of devices-gimmicks), his inventiveness (Mc Gyver would have been an excellent minister, long live the hack). I tend to think that the accumulation of the two personalities may be of interest. I continue to hope (the entemptemist never puts his jacket on the right side and ends up depressing)

But here … .this show a thousand times replayed, it’s a little to despair. Pupils, especially those in great difficulty, deserve better than these super-posed poses of caricatured oppositions and the purr of ultra-marked trails.

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