Benefits of Using SAP Technology

Benefits of Using SAP Technology

SAP (System Application and product implication) is German software that is used to manage so many business activities. This software is especially known for its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and data management programs. This software allows tracking customer and business interactions. It simply provides an end to end solution to financial, manufacturing distribution etc. This software is very successful in the market and after that, there is so many software like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SRM and PI is developed.  SAP is founded in 1972 by IBM engineers.  A large number of Modules comes under SAP including Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO), Assets Accounting (AA), Sales & Distribution (SD), Project System (PS), and Human Resource (HR). According to research, 75% of all businesses use SAP system.

SAP is a smart and integrated module that is very much beneficial for business.  This software is designed according to the best business or industry. It is not that much of difficulty of using SAP Technology; it is very easy to understand about working of this. SAP is considered as a fourth largest company in the world. The first version of this software was launched in late 1972 and was known as R/1 it is one tier architecture in which three layers are installed. After that so many versions R/2 which are 2nd tier architecture, R/3 which is considered as three tire architecture in this three layers are installed on three different servers

Advantage of Using SAP

  1. SAP ERP system allows the organizations to run their business effectively.
  2. SAP software requires a major investment but there but it provides great benefits to the organization.
  3. It reduces and eliminates the repetitive process and reduces the need to manually entering information.
  4. It provides full data secure whatever information you enter is completely secure. It saves all the interactions between consumers and organization.
  5. Provide clear cut job roles with authorization
  6. Very reliable and easy to use the software.
  7. Manage so many activities planning, tracking, scheduling together and saves your time.
  8. SAP software is robust, flexible. It provides full flexibility.
  9. It helps to save time and increased productivity.
  10. It is very easy to process user transactions like payment, invoice etc.

It has one of the major disadvantages is that SAP is difficult to configure; it only accepts its own interface. As SAP technology is used by so many organizations or companies either big or small it is also a great career option for young generation nowadays. To make your career in SAP technology doing a proper course in this, take classes and get some practical knowledge. There are so many companies available to provide SAP Jobs in India. Increase your knowledge if you want to get a job in SAP technology. Because it is a very growing technology and has much scope in future.

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