3 good reflexes to give life to your images

Photo caption

i am responsible for customer satisfaction at Fusion. I get quite a few questions about the “right way” to put forward pictures. An obvious, but often overlooked key is to have a vivid and catchy photo legend! In this article, I will give you the tricks to make beautiful legends, even if you are neither a novelist, a journalist, nor a graphic designer: 1- Get the reader’s attention Looking through a magazine, we naturally tend to stop on the beautiful pictures. When a photo catches our attention, we have the reflex to read…

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Project Management: The 5 Keys to Team Success Your Yearbook

Project Management

1. The Mentor: Your Spiritual Leader, Your Leader Your mentor will bring wisdom and peace to your team. So to your project management. Or, more exactly, he can give you access to the teachers’ room! This is the person who will know what choices to make, who will have the overall view. It will help you to accomplish the most difficult tasks. It is therefore she who manages the project to create the Yearbook. 2. The editors: your heroes of grammar Your editors must be comfortable with writing. Creative, funny and able to find the right…

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